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Google, in collaboration with Asustek, launched its first tablet Nexus 7 last year. Powered by Android OS, Nexus 7 comes with a 7-inch display and an NVIDIA (NVDA - Analyst Report) Tegra 3 quad-core chip. Google sold 4.5–4.6 million units of the tablet in 2012.Powered by the newest version of Android, the second-generation Q88 Tablet will come with a better screen resolution and have a thinner design. Google decided to install Qualcomm's (QCOM - Analyst Report) chip, replacing Nvidia Corp's Tegra 3. Tablets with fast processors offer improved performance and therefore enjoy steady demand.

Google is yet to disclose the price of its latest tablet but we expect it to be affordable. Google, like Amazon, is not dependent on hardware sales. Both have a thriving Internet business that could be well supported by proprietary hardware.The company is likely to maintain its leadership position with the soon-to-be-launched next-generation tablet, iPad 5.According to IDC, Apple shipped 19.5 million tablets in the first quarter of 2013. In the process, Apple captured 39.6% of market share, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy line of tablets with 17.9% share, ASUS with 5.5%, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire with 3.7% share.

Further, IDC is predicting that tablet shipments may reach 350 million by the end of 2017. It is predicting that the lower screen size i.e. 7 inch and below may become more popular as consumers prefer smaller devices for daily use.Tablets' broad appeal undermines those who think (or hope) they are just a passing fad: my mom and both my sisters - none of whom works in media or technology - love their tablets, and it would not surprise me if my little niece (who just turned two) has one on her Christmas wish list. The mainstreaming of tablets holds implications for the whole media industry.

The first implication of the rise of the tablet is that if you're not tailoring content for the tablets for sale audience, you're late to the game. Having a smartphone-optimized site is still vital of course, but ensuring that your site performs well and looks good on a tablet is becoming nearly as important.df24ggEDsd

Responsive design, or a hybrid of responsive and adaptive design, will be increasingly important as the need to deliver a great experience on multifarious tablet screens grows. When planning a move to a responsive site, companies confront the question of designing for PC first, and stripping stuff out, or phone first, and adding stuff in - or tablet-first, and then scaling upwards and downwards from there. That third option seemed a little untenable when 10 percent of the population had tablets, but now I expect it will gain traction.

The mainstreaming of tablets may also accelerate a need to revisit creative standards. The IAB Mobile Rising Stars offer five standardized ad units that create excellent branding opportunities for tablets. And indeed, a recent survey of IAB members who sell 7 inch tablet ads found encouraging adoption of several of the Rising Stars on tablet-optimized websites.

However, the most common tablet ad sizes sold in our survey were the 300x250 and the 728x90, two venerable IAB web standards that happen to fit pretty well on diverse screen sizes. If those banner sizes plus the Rising Stars plus video ads suffice, great. But if brands and agencies feel that existing tablet ad sizes don't serve their needs, or don't bring enough scale, that would spur an IAB Tablet Committee project to address the marketplace demand.

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New A7100 phones are continually coming out. Which should you buy? Here's a summary of The Associated Press' recent phone reviews, including the latest on Google phones running a pure version of Android.Many of the features, however, make the phone more complicated to use. In some cases, custom features work only some of the time. In other cases, you're confronted with too many ways to do similar things. The S4 might be for you if you don't mind spending time customizing it. Otherwise, you must bypass all the gimmicks to get to what otherwise is a good phone.

The One is a phone that can match Apple's standards of feel and finish. Plastic and metal are joined together so well that you can't tell by feel where one ends and the other starts. The 4.7-inch screen is also quite a sight, its 468 pixels per inch among the best. Two front-facing speakers give you real stereo sound when turned sideways to watch a movie. HTC's camera has a lower resolution than most. Promises of better low-light shots from its larger sensors only partly delivered. Like other Android phone makers, HTC adds confusion by customizing the interface. There are four different "home" screens from which to launch apps, for instance. The One is worth checking out as an alternative to the Galaxy S4 from Samsung, which also adds complication with its custom features.df24ggEDsd

Google has worked with both Samsung Electronics Co. and HTC Corp. to come out with a "Google Play" edition of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One phones. Instead of using customized software from Samsung and HTC, the Google phones run a pure version of Android, as developed by Google. Essentially, the Google versions of these phones are replicas of the originals, with most of the bells and whistles removed. That's a good thing, as many of those "improvements" added to Android by Samsung and HTC actually make the phones more complex to use. The bad news: The Google edition of the S4 sells for $649, while Google's HTC One goes for $599, compared with the $100 to $200 that you can typically get the original models for with a two-year agreement. And the phones don't work on Verizon and Sprint's CDMA networks.

The Q10 is a successful marriage of the modern touch-screen I5 MTK6577 smartphone and the iconic BlackBerry keyboard. The interface takes time to get used to, and it doesn't have the simple immediacy of the iPhone. But once you learn it, you can positively zip between tasks. The downside to the new BlackBerry 10 operating system is its relative dearth of third-party software. In addition, the keyboard eats up space that could be devoted to a bigger screen, leaving the Q10 with a square, 3.1-inch screen. Nonetheless, the Q10 is likely to be attractive to the BlackBerry faithful, and it deserves serious consideration from Android and iPhone users as well.

The Z10 is the first phone to run RIM's new BlackBerry 10 operating system and comes across as a very good stab at regaining at least some of the cachet of the BlackBerry. But the Z10 looks like every other smartphone on the shelf. It's a flat black slab with a touch screen, measuring 4.2 inches. Only once you turn it on do the differences become more evident. Older BlackBerrys are great communications devices, but are poor at multimedia and at running third-party apps, something the iPhone excels at. The new BlackBerry 10 software is a serious attempt at marrying these two feature sets.

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Bing Lee is consistently offering the Q88 Tablet online deals on tablet computers and Betta Home Living’s online shop is the most expensive, according to research conducted by Competitive Marketing Services (CMS). This research, conducted between January and June 2013, further showed that Microsoft tablets were the most expensive in the online marketplace while Samsung’s were the cheapest.
The survey looked at the average online price of tablets over a six month period on the websites of nine leading Clicks and Mortar retailers, plus Kogan’s pureplay online site.Betta Home Living was comfortably the most expensive for the first five months of this period, averaging between $50 and $100 more across its range than the second more expensive, Dick Smith. At the close of the survey period, however, Betta’s pricing had been adjusted to match Dick Smith’s at around $640 per unit.

The mode price for a tablet in online retail is currently $600, available through Target, Big W, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks. Despite the many wars of words between the pair over value propositions, tablets from Kogan are now slightly more expensive than those at Harvey Norman’s online store.“The average price over this period ranged from $350 to $750, with Betta Home Living at the top of the range and Bing Lee at the lower end,” said CMS business development manager Mathew Kentish-Jones.dsTP2fd38

“Closer analysis of the data via the CMS Dashboard showed that Bing Lee only ranged Samsung, Asus and Acer online; while Betta Home Living ranged Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, Motorola and Leader.”Microsoft is the most expensive supplier among online 7 inch tablet sales, due to its very narrow range of Surface tablets still attracting premium price points. Apple’s consistency throughout the survey period, only averaging $2 difference between January and June, is due to its remarkable ability to avoid price erosion, even without launching any new models.Samsung has the cheapest tablets, due to it very broad range including a large number of smaller format tablets.

The market for larger-sized, 10-inch and bigger tablet panels may begin to enjoy a recovery in shipments with the launch of the new Intel Corp. Atom microprocessor, code-named Bay Trail. This new device could help reduce the cost of x86 microprocessor-based tablets and improve battery life. Bay Trail also could generate opportunities for hybrid-form tablets that include keyboards.

The tablets for sale, with Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows 8 operating system, would have functionality better suited to the needs of the commercial and business worlds than either the Google Android- or the Apple iOS-based tablets, which are designed with the consumer in mind.

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Do you constantly check your i9500 S4 cell phone for e-mail alerts, news updates, and the weather? If so, you could be one of the 66 percent of people who suffer from "no mobile phone phobia" — nomophobia — the fear of being without a cell or mobile phone, says SecurEnvoy, a UK-based Internet security and mobile technology firm who conducted the survey. Living in a revolutionizing digital age where everything is fast, instant and, most importantly, on-the-go, people are disengaged from having one-on-one face interactions.
While Apple applications like FaceTime, and the program Skype help reinforce personal connections, the unhealthy usage of cell phone devices continues to escalate. According to the Morningside Recovery Rehabilitation Center, the average American spends 144 minutes a day using their phone. For those who suffer from nomopohbia, the fear of being disconnected from the virtual world is heightened when they are restrained from checking their phone.

The lives of cell phone addicts are so contingent on their need to feel socially connected on their phones that without mobile technology, they begin to express a sense of vulnerability that can trigger certain moods and behaviors."Cellphones are addictive in the same way slot machines are," said Dr. Fran Walfish, child, couple, and family psychotherapist and author in Beverly Hills, Calif., to Medical Daily. "The immediacy of response, gratification, and excitation combine to make the user want more and want more now."

This type of addictive behavior can be explained in a situation where a person is dining by themselves. Despite no sounds or alerts coming from the cellphone, addicts will take out their phones from their pocket and start to press buttons or scan their phones with their fingers for a sense of safety and security. While back-and-forth communication through text or e-mail is seen as a threat to replacing nose-to-nose contact, it is when you are alone with your mobile device that heightens this addictive behavior. The inability to sit by yourself in a public setting without reaching for your phone can be a means to cope with loneliness but it can also be detrimental to your mental health.dsTP2fd38

Researchers have indicated that 77 percent of people aged 14 to 24 are nomophobic, compared to 68 percent of those aged 25 to 34. College students are most susceptible to developing the cell phone addiction because they are considered to be the heaviest users of information and technology with an increased usage of smart phones throughout the day. In a study conducted at Baylor and Seton Hall Universities, researchers evaluated cell phone, instant messaging, and texting addiction among college students.

The average college student sends and receives approximately 109.5 text messages a day and checks their phone 60 times per day. The results of the study showed that materialism and impulsiveness are what drove i9500 S4 1:1 cell phone addiction in these university students. "Cell phones are a part of our consumer culture," said James Roberts, Ph.D., author of the study and professor of marketing at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business. "They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They're also eroding our personal relationships." The preoccupation of social status based on a mobile device and the impulsiveness that derives from sending and receiving instant messages and texts are strong predictors for cell phone addiction.

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i9500 S4 Cell phones have become ubiquitous in today’s society. It’s almost as if you don’t have one, then you’re not living in the 21st century. The great thing about cell phones is that they enable us to stay connected with other people nearly all the time. Cell phones happen to be handy in an emergency. They also come in handy when we are traveling. Today, the traditional landline has begun to go the way of the dinosaur, as many people have now canceled their landlines and rely only on cell phones.

But cell phones do have drawbacks — the most significant being that they emit radiation and can therefore negatively impact our health. “All cell phones emit radiation by definition because they talk to or connect to a local tower,” said Erik Peper, Ph.D., professor of holistic health at San Francisco State University. As long as a cell phone is being used for talking, texting, streaming data, or audiovisual data, it is communicating with the tower and therefore emitting radiation.

A radiation level of 0.2 watts per kilogram up to 1.6 watts per kilogram is considered safe by the Federal Communications Commission — FCC. If a cell phone has a radiation level above 1.6 watts per kilogram, it is illegal to sell it.

Radiation is a concern especially for groups of people who are constantly on their cell phones. A 2012 survey conducted by Peper and others revealed that the average college student uses their cell phone and tablet/iPad for at least 118 minutes per day, including 40 minutes right before they go to sleep. This equates to 19.7 days per year of talking and texting on their smartphones, “and high school students use their cell phones even more,” Peper pointed out. dfjhqDS32

The World Health Organization has classified i9500 S4 1:1 mobile phones — and any wireless devices that use microwaves to communicate — as a group 2b risk — which means that they are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Mobile phones are in the same category as automotive fuel exhaust, according to Peper.It has been reported in research studies that adults who have used mobile phones for at least 10 years experience an increase in brain cancer, salivary gland cancer, and even rare eye cancers on the side of the head where the cell phone was predominantly held, according to Peper.

Recently, women who habitually stored their cell phone in their bra have been diagnosed with a rare breast cancer located beneath the area of the breast where they stored their cell phone, Peper additionally noted. Further, some men diagnosed with testicular cancer had the cancer occur in the testicle that was closest to the pants pocket where they kept their cell phone. Stan Glantz, professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco — UCSF — and director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Education, compared the cell phone situation right now to the cigarette situation in the 1950s.

“There was enough evidence to be concerned [about cigarettes in the 1950s], but the details were not really nailed,” Glantz said. “Cell phone companies have learned from cigarette companies how to contest science, and they’re doing it.”

Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California at Berkeley, has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness about the risk of cell phones, encourage safe cell phone use and promote better regulation and more research on the subject. “We don’t want to engage in scare tactics but safe cell phone use,” Moskowitz said. “We’re not telling anybody to give up their cell phone or ditch their cell phone carrier.”What are the best ways to reduce radiation from your cell phone?

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If I have to use a skinned version of Android, I'd choose Sony's every time. Not only does the Q88 Tablet not offer the typical truckload of cosmetic changes to Android 4.1.2 (no Android 4.2 yet, unfortunately), it actually adds quite a bit to the operating system. There's a sort of quick-launch bar at the top of the screen, which gives you access to four apps or folders from any screen without having to go into the app drawer. Sony's great Small Apps are here as well, letting you pop a calculator or notepad on top of whatever you're doing without having to switch apps; it's not quite as robust as Samsung's true split-screen multitasking, but it's really handy.

There are a handful of Sony-made apps on the Tablet Z, from PlayMemories Online and Video Unlimited to Smart Connect and Xperia Link. Oddly, there's no visual TV Guide-like app, which most other tablets-cum-remotes offer, but there are third-party alternatives that work just fine. I'm constantly using my tablet as I watch TV, look at Twitter, or answer emails, and having a remote so easily accessible was awfully handy. I'm a big fan of this resurgence in IR blasters.

For all it adds to the software, Sony can't escape the fact that the Android ecosystem still trails iOS in a big way. Even as the gap slowly narrows in pure numerical terms, I was amazed by how many apps are just worse for Android tablets than for the iPad. Scrolling and pagination in Pocket are both really awkward, the Netflix app is painfully slow, and most other non-Google apps I used lagged their iOS counterparts in design, features, or both.

Ultimately, the Tablet Z's raison d'être is two-fold: it can be a universal remote, and it can go (but not function) underwater. I don't know if that's worth $500, or even the $100 over some other great Android tablets.

I used the Tablet Z a lot more than I've used most 7 inch tablet — it's just so amenable to so many situations. It's thin, light, and rugged enough that I carried it everywhere with me, and from cooking to bathing I really like having a waterproof tablet. If you're looking to spend $500 on an Android tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z is the one to get — I like its gimmicks much better than the Galaxy Note 10.1's. Ultimately, though, gimmicks are all any $500 Android tablet has going for it.dfjhqDS32

The real problem is that it's not Sony's fault it can't make a $500 tablet as good as an iPad. Sony did almost everything it could — if the screen were better, I'd prefer this hardware to the iPad — it's just that the Android tablet ecosystem so massively trails iOS in both quantity and quality of apps. There are some signs that Google is committed to solving this problem — a tablet section of the Play Store was featured prominently at Google I/O — but until that section is filled with great and optimized apps, it's really hard to say you should buy an Android tablet for any reason other than price. There's a reason Amazon's Kindle Fire HD commercials boil down to "we're just like the iPad, only cheaper," and why it's hard to recommend the tablets for sale over the Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus 10.

The Xperia Tablet Z is a great Android tablet — it might be my favorite one yet. (It's even seen me naked.) But it can't escape the Android ecosystem, which remains Apple's big trump card. If you've got $500 burning a hole in your pocket and you're not actively avoiding buying an iPad… you should buy an iPad.

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An Italian study shows CE4 help smokers quit. Father of modern electronic cigarettes KIMREE expressed concern.

The research report published in the latest journal PLOS ONE. The study was leaded by the University of Catania, Italy, lasted 12 months, 300 Italian smokers participate. On the end of the study, 1/10 of smokers quit smoking. Dr. Riccardo Polosa, a senior author at the University of Catania, said: "I ??think the main message of the study is that we can use e-cigarettes as an extraordinary tool for tobacco control."

Andre, CMO of modern electronic cigarette's father KIMREE, commented: "This is really the first-ever clinical trial of electronic cigarette report. The study was the first to follow hundreds of smokers for a year, but did not compare the efficacy of the e-cigarettes to other smoking cessation solutions such as patches, gums or medications."

Andre also said: "As the electronic cigarette industry-standard drafting maker, KIMREE welcomes the strength of the electronic cigarette research institutions conduct research experiments. KIMREE offers OEM, ODM services to many global famous electronic cigarette brands, and has in-depth cooperation with many research institutions. If research institutions need, KIMREE is willing to assist it in research work."

KIMREE, founded in 2006, is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in developing, producing and selling electronic cigarettes, and provides OEM and ODM service for kinds of electronic cigarettes brands. KIMREE's factory locates in Huizhou, and marketing center in Shenzhen. KIMREE's products include disposable electronic cigarettes, mini electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette accessories, e-liquid, rechargeable electronic cigarette series of electronic cigarettes, X series of electronic cigarettes, Electronic cigar and VGO series of electronic cigarettes, etc. sadS34sadd

Its products have been certified by GMP,ISO9001,ISO14001,GSV,CGMP,HACCP,CE,ROHS,FCC, etc. Now, KIMREE is also known as the "father of modern electronic cigarette", "the Design by KIMREE" has become a fashionable trend in the simulation of electronic cigarette industry. Industry widely answers "What will be the popular for electronic cigarette industry next year?" You can ask KIMREE.

Everyone who's ever smoked a cigarette knows how hard it is to quit once hooked. And everyone who's tried to quit smoking tobacco has been through the hassle of choosing the right electronic cigarette for them. Electronic cigarettes are the latest smoke inducing little sticks that's been competing against the tobacco industry for quite some time now. With beneficial claims such as being nicotine free and tar free, the e-cigarette market is far from the point of becoming extinct.

With each brand comes different distinctions and with these in mind, Smoke Chat has made it their responsibility to provide people with electronic cigarette battery reviews that contain honest opinions and actual facts. See, that's the problem with choices. People often find it challenging to choose from one good brand to another. Smoke Chat has made it a point to try each and every product offered to customers to be able to relate to them and provide a good e-cigarette review.

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You might want to keep your phone close this July 4. Or just leave it at home altogether to be safe. The world’s largest i9500 S4 cell phone insurance company, Asurion, recently released the results of its survey that found the summer months are when people most often lose or damage their phones. Go figure, we’re all sitting near the pool and traveling a lot.

But get this: the fourth of July is the most dangerous day for your phone in the summer months. Asurion said it regularly sees a 50 percent spike in lost or damaged cell phone claims following the U.S. national holiday. “Every summer we see a tremendous spike in the number of claims filed for lost, damaged or stolen phones,” Asurion spokesperson Bettie Colombo explained. “People are outdoors, active and using their mobile phones to capture the summer enjoyment and stay connected with friends and family.” Unfortunately, it sounds like that joy is quickly marred by lost cell phones.

There’s reason for damage, it seems. 72 percent of consumers surveyed use their cell phones at the beach or near the pool to listen to music, and 30 percent use them for vacation photos. The firm recommends that you consider a waterproof case, good screen protectors and password protecting your phone in case it’s lost. We also suggest looking at newer, water-resistant devices, such as the Galaxy S4 Active or the Xperia Z.

Asurion’s results were compiled following a survey of 5,000 wireless subscribers aged between 16 and 65 and the data was collected in 2012.Is ikoff also addressed whether the DOJ had obtained Times journalists’ phone records in the investigation, a concern within the paper since the Associated Press revealed last month that investigators had secretly seized phone records in a separate leak investigation.sadS34sadd

"Legal sources tell NBC News that federal prosecutors have developed their case without issuing any subpoenas for i9500 S4 1:1 phone records from the New York Times," Isikoff reported.A Times spokeswoman told HuffPost on Friday the paper is "not aware of any subpoena on NYT phone records in the leak investigation."

That doesn't rule out phone records having been obtained, given that the DOJ seized AP records without first contacting the news organization, a departure from typical protocol in dealing with the press. But Isikoff's reporting, coupled with the Times being unaware of any records seizure, suggests investigators did not take the controversial step.

Popular smartphones disconnect tablets-PriceAngels
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Q88 Tablet PCs in India have had their share of bull-run for a year. But now, there are signs of a slowdown. Threats pop up from large screen phones or phablets, as they are commonly called.Phablet is a smartphone having a screen size varying between 5.0 and 6.9 inches, unlike tablets (7 inch screens).A recent report by analyst firm Cyber Media Research has shown an 18 per cent dip of tablet shipments between October- December of 2012 and the first three months of 2013. Shipments came down from 10,97,902 pieces (in October-December) to 9,05,000 between January and March.

To make matters worse, data consumption through tablets is low, despite rate cut by telecom companies.Local vendor Intex admits that demand has slowed. After a more than 100 per cent growth in 2012, sales have remained stable so far this year. Intex tablets are priced between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000.

“There is no major growth in the tablet segment. Focus is rather on smartphones and voice call-enabled large screen devices (phablets),” Sanjay Kumar, GM (Mobile), Intex Technologies, said.But these are still early days for such a comparison, tablet-makers maintain.According to Gautam Advani, Global Head, Mobility Business Unit, HCL Info, the tablet segment will continue to post “robust growth” with phablets and developments in manufacturing. Internal projections by HCL Info have pointed out that growth in the tablet market “is here to stay”.

Acer India’s Chief Marketing Officer S. Rajendran maintains that the “early rush for adoption” (tablets) saw a spurt in vendors. Low-cost devices compromised on user-experience (by having inferior touch-screens). This apart, buying pattern in India is skewed towards a compact device; voice call-enabled tablets for sale. “For the last six months people have realised that there’s limited functionality in low-cost tablets. Some maturity is coming in the market. Demand seems to be more in favour of device that can double up as a tablet and a mobile phone,” he said. In the long run, device-makers will have to keep such consumer demands in mind, he adds.

Sandip Biswas, Director at analyst firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, is not amused. Most tablet purchases, he maintains, are a “status symbol”. As a result, data consumption remains low.Tablets account for just 3 per cent of data consumption, compared with smartphones (49 per cent).In metro and Tier-I cities data consumption through tablets is slightly higher at 5 per cent.fd3ADSAa23

According to Katyayan Gupta, Analyst at Forrester Research, global trends suggest Wi-Fi based 7 inch tablet as a popular device compared with their SIM-based counterparts. In India, the lack of popularity of Wi-Fi across Tier-II and Tier-III towns has seen increased demand for SIM-based offerings. Wi-Fi remains restricted to public places such as airport or select offices.

“Content creation through tablets is low. Usage is more for one-time data consumption,” Gupta adds.Improper 3G availability and high data costs on 3G have been the other limiting factors.“While Wi-Fi enabled tablets have been the main stay (in India), there is a strong traction for SIM-based categories (backing up as a smartphone and tablet),” HCL Info’s Advani adds.

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As big tobacco tycoons are entering into the CE4 electric cigarette market, the competition among the brands seems to gear up. As per reviews, several best brands of electronic cigarettes are viewed as a threat to the cigarette industry. Hence, this has compelled not only the new players but also the existing well known brands to prepare themselves for the competition.

According to market reviews, the sales of electronic cigarettes have been proving impressive and cigarette sales trending downward. The accelerating growth of this electric cigarette industry has led analysts to predict that it would take over the whole market of traditional cigarette. It is seen that various giant tobacco companies are already in the electric cigarette race and are trying their best to gratify the consumers.

The retaining well known electric cigarette brands are devoting attention by offering the best possible resources to users as reviewed by experts of DigitalSmoke. Though it is debating issue for health officials, yet the smokeless cigarette brands are coming up with innovative products with the intention to please the users. Hence, it is believed that with the entry of giant tobacco companies now in the game, electronic tobacco products are poised to take a large leap forward.fd3ADSAa23

Since rechargeable electronic cigarette are considered to be a viable alternative for a host of reasons, experts believe that users can go for reviews in order to get a piece of mind in its selections.Through authentic electronic cigarette reviews, the website Digitalsmoke offers customers to identify and select the best electronic cigarette brand. This review site is 100% independent that is not tended to any particular vapor cigarette brand. It does not have any links to any company nor does it receives any financial benefit for posting positive or negative reviews of any brand.

People’s first priority is appearance. Nobody wants to look unappealing. Esmokehub says that electronic cigarette manufacturers are well aware of these sentiments and make their products in such a way that the user looks attractive and appealing while using the product. The industry knows that if study and growing business is needed, it should make buying and smoking an electronic cigarette as an ‘in thing’, fashionable and cool. The user must be looking better when using an electronic cigarette than when using a regular cigarette. Then only vapor cigarettes will be able to bring in more customers. An ideal electronic cigarette should be an attractive, cool looking alternative.

Conventional smoking is believed to be a cool thing, and in the past all the advertisements or visuals tried to drive this message home in to the minds of consumers. Those were the days when smoking was considered savvy. But using the electronic cigarette battery may not be considered so by some users. In reality many customers are not taking up electronic cigarettes as they do not look ‘appealing’.


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